Neurosurgeon next to a big machine

Best Surgeon

Jose Valerio, M.D.

Dr. Jose Valerio is a board-certified Neurosurgeon who’s main focus there is complex spine pathology and spine tumors. Dr. Valerio is also the neurosurgical oncologist at Palmetto General Hospital, Larkin Community Hospital, and Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. He has received multiple awards in the field of brain tumors including the American Brain Tumor Association Young Investigator Award, the Musella Foundation Award, and the Cleveland Clinic Clinical Research Award.

Dr. Valerio is a pioneer operating the first Radiosurgery suite in Florida. He uses real-time tumor tracking technology and motion management capabilities to treat patients. Dr. Valerio specializes in brain tumors, endoscopy skull base surgery, trigeminal neuralgia, minimally invasive spine surgery, and radiosurgery for the brain and spine.