Best Family Care Provider

Trujillo Medical Centers

Trujillo Medical Centers is committed to making it simple for patients to receive the care they need by offering a full range of primary and specialty services and accepting all major insurance plans. They provide a wide array of general healthcare services, including vaccinations, sport physicals, well exams, DOT exams, and many types of lab work. Dr. Trujillo and her team also perform minor procedures, including wart and skin tag removal, skin biopsies, and wound care. They see patients of all ages. 

Dr. Trujillo emphasizes disease prevention while meeting her patients’ physical health needs and having an interest in their emotional well-being, all in the context of their families and community. She also offers anti-aging treatments, including Botox.

They have specialized nutrition doctors who offer a wide range of weight loss treatments, nutritional plans, and all the motivation you need to achieve your goal of living a healthier life.