people dancing on stage

Weston World Fest is a perineal favorite among locals. The event celebrates our community’s cultural diversity. This year’s Weston World Fest was unlike any before it. The parking lot of Cypress Bay High School was transformed into a drive-through extravaganza. Continue Reading

Three Fire trucks on display

Patriotism on Parade 4th of July Thank You to 1st Responders
This year’s Independence Day celebration in Weston was unlike any other. The citizens of Weston, however, were not going to let the day pass without a celebration. Hundreds of Westonians took to the streets, safely socially distanced, inside vehicles decorated to the max with our National colors of red, white, and blue. Continue Reading

Finding safe activities for the whole family was during the pandemic was always a challenge. That is why Movie Nights at the Park were at the tops of many people’s list! Families picnicked with loved ones in socially distanced areas while watching wholesome movies under the stars. Our favorite was the Dreamworks hit The Croods a New Age.Continue Reading

People playing soccer.

From small passive parks to expansive athletic complexes, Weston has a park experience to please every resident. The largest and most popular, at least according to Our City Weston readers, is Weston Regional Park. Continue Reading