Chiropractor adjusting a girl's back

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ChiroCare of Florida Injury and Wellness Centers

Located on Weston Road, ChiroCare of Florida Injury and Wellness Centers serves those who are suffering from pain or wish to maintain spinal health. ChiroCare’s experienced chiropractors can provide the care you need after suffering back, neck, or shoulder injuries, pain from an illness, or to complement your whole body wellness regimen.

Virtually everyone can benefit from chiropractic adjustments from time to time. Many use this non-invasive, holistic medicine as a form of pain management or a way to stay in excellent physical condition on an ongoing basis. Learn more about how a chiropractor can help you with various needs.

Chiropractic adjustments can help with everything from alleviating everyday aches and pains to aiding recovery from severe injuries and trauma. Adjustments focus on the body’s spinal column, bones, and soft tissue. This promotes healthy blood flow and circulation and maintains
a positive balance in the body.

4470 Weston Road