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Best E-Sports Program

XP League Weston

XP League offers a professional-level gaming experience to young players between the ages of 8-17. With the goal of preparing them for high school, college, or even professional gaming, our expert coaches provide next-level gaming strategies to help our athletes achieve their goals.

Esports involves more than just playing video games. It combines traditional youth sports experiences with technology and computer skills needed to compete in today’s popular games. In recent years, the growth of competitive professional gaming has led to the creation of many professional leagues, as well as college and high school teams.

At XP League, our experienced coaches teach vital skills such as sportsmanship and strategic thinking. Our gamer athletes experience all the benefits of being part of a youth sports team. As the first esports program to partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we hold our coaches to the highest standards of competitive youth gaming.

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