Best Pharmacy

Pill Box Pharmacy & Medical Supply

Pill Box founder, Steve Pressman, founded the first Pill Box Pharmacy in 1985 to offer the ultimate customer service and a wide selection of goods and make his store a fun place to visit. With four stores Pressman and his partners Wayne Linder, at Pill Box in Weston, Barbara Sammarco, at Pill Box Pines West, and Tom Bohan, at Pill Box Davie, have held onto the idea of precision pharmacy services coupled with outstanding customer service.

Unlike the big chains, Pill Box is independent and can focus on what matters most to its customers. This is a place where friendliness is the norm, and a person, not a machine, always answers the phone. At the same time, Pill Box has a state-of-the-art compounding laboratory, offering customers access to hard-to-find medications. It’s easy to see why they were voted best!

1932 Weston Road