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Best Family Law Attorney

Evan H. Baron, Esquire

When it comes to the emotional and sensitive matters of family law, trust the attorney the Weston community has relied on for over 30 years. Evan H. Baron is uniquely qualified to guide clients through every step of the challenging family law process. 

The skilled and experienced divorce attorney has handled hundreds of cases from simple uncontested divorce to more complicated cases requiring child psychologists and forensic accountants. Mr. Baron’s expertise includes jury trials as well as non-jury divorce and marital dissolution trials. 

From pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, to complex litigation, such as paternity actions, restraining orders, marital asset valuation, and equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, Mr. Baron is committed to supporting clients through all stages of the family law process. He also represents clients in post-judgment matters, such as child support and alimony modifications.

The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates offers free consultations with qualified attorneys who will provide the information clients need to make an intelligent and knowledgeable decision. The firm is committed to fighting for its clients. Mr. Baron and his associates will monitor and handle the details of each case until a final resolution is met, allowing clients to live a less complicated life during this emotional and difficult time.