Best Eye Care Practice

Weston Family Eyecare

Weston Family Eyecare, led by Dr. Jane Therrien, is a place where patients can get great eye and vision care using the latest technology. The Weston Family Eyecare team does this while creating a friendly and comfortable environment for patients. 

Dr. Therrien is an expert in non-surgical vision correction. Her practice uses the newest technology for vision correction and treatments, including the Neurolens, which helps relieve eye strain with digital devices, and Wave Contact Lenses, which are customized specialty contact lenses that provide comfortable and clear vision. 

Dr. Therrien has extensive training in orthokeratology, a non surgical safe alternative to LASIK that corrects vision by gently reshaping the cornea with custom contact lenses that are worn while the patient sleeps. Ortho-K lenses are special contact lenses designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning, leaving you with clear vision all day. 

Dr. Therrien also specializes in treating eye diseases and co-managing laser and cataract surgeries.